Our Story

A little bit about us... we're a husband and wife team who both love making and creating, and adore our lifestyle here on the Coast of Maine. 

Stacy has always had a love of style and design and has a passion for creating ambient spaces.  Candles have always been a constant in my life - super passionate about the way a candle can add to a space, enhance a gathering and help to create special moments.  After many years of searching for a quality candle and most often, synthetic fragrance blends bothering Barry's asthma, I decided to 'dabble' in candle making.  Giving it my all with an aim to create a beautiful scented candle with a clean, non-toxic burn, in fragrance blends that are strong enough to leave an impact but not synthetic or too overpowering.

Barry ran the New England division of the world's largest pest control company and has been providing homeowners and business owners with customer service excellence for over 20 years.  His focus on safety and organic products has always been a top priority.  With increasing demand (on the candle front) from retailers and customers, Barry now works side by side Stacy in their studio in Kennebunkport. 

Thanks for reading about us - we love what we do and are grateful for people like you who take the time to listen to our story and support our product.  Cheers! xo


Summer 2020, we opened Maine's 1st DIY custom candle experience and coastal inspired boutique!  Visit our Pour a Candle page for more details. We can't wait to help you create your own blended candle (and memories!)  


Our Mission

Sea Love is for the inspired, to help create their happy place with thoughtfully curated home fragrance and lifestyle accents. With a commitment to choosing and crafting products with the least environmental impact and supporting US makers and craftsman. 

Candles and Fragrance

Our home fragrances are inspired by salt air and all things love.  Hand poured in small batches to ensure each, and every Sea Love product is of the highest quality.  All of our products are made of premium soy wax, which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.  Clean scents blended with the finest fragrance oils infused with essential oils and made with a lead & zinc free cotton wick.  Our entire line is cruelty-free, phthalate-free, dye-free and eco-friendly.  We hope they make your home a sanctuary and capture the essence of some of your fondest memories no matter what time of year it may be.


What makes us different from the rest is the intention behind our candles.  "I love the ambience and atmosphere a beautiful, scented candle can create - the soft flickering light combined with an intoxicating scent - enhancing moments and creating a feeling that you want to connect with."


Our signature scented soy candles have been designed to complement a wide range of aesthetics.  Candles in vessels that are trendy and classic with a solid feel without being too heavy.  The Sea Love lifestyle brand is simple and understated, allowing the scents to speak for themselves. 

Small Batched, Handcrafted

Every single Sea Love product is hand poured and handcrafted by us to ensure each candle has a strong fragrance throw from the first burn right down to the last.  From the very beginning our mission has been to create a high-quality product that you fall in love with and feel good about burning in your home.


In addition to providing natural and clean burning candles, we also source all materials through suppliers who provide eco-friendly alternatives to packing, production, and fulfillment. We are proud that our phthalate-free candles are safe for skin, babies, and pets.  And don't forget your jars can be re-purposed too!  Just soak in hot water and use them for decoration, small planters (air plants are a fave!), cocktail glasses, etc.