A scented candle with a simple label "mama" on a wooden table, framed by a vase of delicate pink flowers in the softly blurred background, creating a cozy atmosphere.
Mother's Day

In full bloom

Pour a Candle


Our custom scent blending experience allows you to create your own candle or reed diffuser from your choice of over 100 different fragrance oils.

Sea Love’s mission is to foster inspiration and connection through fragrance

In Our Candle Bar and Boutiques
We celebrate the diversity of scent, and encourage the exploration of its unique ability to evoke personal cherished memories and emotions.

In Our Franchise Opportunities 
We believe in making the dream of business ownership as easy and as real as possible, and we empower like-minded entrepreneurs to redefine their futures with our affordable and proven small business concept.

In Everything We Do 
We are committed to environmental sustainability, and we meticulously craft and curate products held to the highest standards, while proudly supporting U.S. makers and craftspeople.

A lit candle with the label "sea love, seaside mimosa" on a kitchen counter, surrounded by a stack of books and kitchen items in a light and airy setting.

Sea Love

Love Club

At Sea Love, it’s always our mission to ensure that we are providing top-notch quality and bringing the best value to our customers.

Our new program will include revamped subscription tiers, VIP early- access to new scents and products, members-only perks, enhanced rewards, greater variety, and, of course, the Sea Love fragrances you love. 

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