If you live in the northern climate like we do here in Maine, it feels almost wrong to be celebrating spring when in some areas we still have snow on the ground.  I still remember the first spring we experienced after moving here—while my hometown five states south of us already saw grass greening and their first blooms on flowers and trees, I stared out the windows at mud and bare branches for another several weeks before our spring came. That May, I think we only had a handful of days that were sunny and above 60 degrees; the rest of the month was dismally cool and rainy. I remember wondering what we’d gotten ourselves into! But spring did come, and thankfully it has come more quickly in the following years. Since then, I’ve learned a few tricks to celebrate and enjoy the coming of spring, even in the long stretch of in-between weeks before Old Man Winter finally takes his leave here up north…

Here’s a few tips for welcoming spring into your home:

· Even if you’re not ready to put away those boots and sweaters just yet, pull out some brighter colors and lighter clothes to layer in your wardrobe.

· Begin transitioning your menu to include spring flavors and foods like lemon, asparagus, eggs, salads, and smoothies. Make some fun, light treats like berry mousse or lemon bars.

· Use this time to refresh your home and do a spring clean or even an all-over declutter.

· Get out in the sunshine as much as you can! Take walks or drink your coffee or tea al fresco. Even a few minutes will boost your vitamin D levels and your mood.

· Buy a new houseplant or fill a vase with greens or flowers to remind yourself that even though nothing might be blooming in your yard yet, new life is on its way.

· Let the light in! Open your drapes and blinds and even the windows if you can to let a little more sunshine and fresh air into your home.

· Create or find a playlist of songs that remind you of spring. If you don’t know where to start, try George Winston’s piano album Winter into Spring.

If you live in a southern climate where spring has already reached you, here are a few things you can add to this list:

· Start your garden or a few containers of flowers or veggies.

· Switch to lighter linens on your beds and change your heavier throws and pillows to fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.

· Eat breakfast or lunch or take your coffee al fresco.

· Open your windows and give them a good cleaning!

· Bring outdoor cuttings of your favorite blooms and branches indoors to decorate your home.

Lastly, we at Sea Love believe in the importance of scent to help set the tone and create memories, especially around events or seasons in life. And no matter where you live, our candles can help you do just that in a small but powerful way.

Myquillyn Smith says in her book Welcome Home, “Don’t underestimate the power of smell in creating your spring home. If you get into the rhythm of using certain scents at certain times of the year, including spring, you and everyone in your house will automatically associate those scents with home for the rest of your lives. Use scents to your advantage, and…consider choosing one main scent for spring that you use in your home, whether it’s a candle, an essential oil, or a cleaning product, so that every year, when you use it, it will smell like spring no matter what the thermometer says.”

We love and use all three options mentioned by Myquillyn, but we recommend a candle or linen & room mist for both aesthetic and practical purposes. At Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique locations you can find or create a clean, quality candle that smells like spring to you--set it in a place in your home where you’ll see its light and be reminded by its scent that even if it still seems like winter outside, spring is on its way.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration in the tips above to breathe some new life into your home as we turn the corner into spring. It’s coming!

Written By: Kristi Clark, Sea Love Scent Stylist and Author of Pine & Tide ( Instagram @pine_and_tide


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