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2 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport (2nd floor above Abacus)

Sea Love | A Candle Bar and Boutique provides a place where friends can gather, connect, and create. Our candle pouring workshops offer an opportunity to create lasting memories and a candle that is unique to you. So pull up a seat and join us!


Thursday, October 7th 5:30-7pm $50/pp:  Emily Clement X Sea Love

Life By Design: A Mindset & Manifestation Workshop
Life doesn’t happen TO you, life happens THROUGH you. You are constantly creating your own reality with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. If you want to change your life, you need to change your story. You've been gifted with free will and choice. The grand invitation is to shift from living a life by default to a life by design.  For the second half you will take part in a traditional candle pouring! <complimentary glass of wine included!> Candles will need to be picked up next day. 


Stay Tuned!